by Arden Klawitter

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Zepaton, as a collection of earnestly written music and words, is a medium through which I hope to relay the emotions I’ve felt and the circumstances I’ve been a part of during my last five years.

Thematically, I used Zepaton as a vehicle to explore my experiences with love, depression, music, religion, education, drugs, and most consequentially, people.

Musically, my intent was to make Zepaton minimal in instrumentation yet grand, even absurd, in songwriting and sound.

I limited myself to three instruments: electric piano, percussion, and my voice. The electric piano parts were programmed in Logic using the EVP88 virtual electric piano plug-in. No other instruments, virtual or otherwise, were used.

Zepaton has been both a joy and an agony to create, and I hope with the most sincere optimism that these songs draw forth a desire within you to create, love, and grow - a desire which I am grateful to have had instilled in me by the amazing people and experiences with whom I have shared my life.


released October 2, 2014

Arden Klawitter - Music, lyrics, recording, mixing, and mastering
Giordan Moloian - Artwork
Linda Klawitter - Photography



all rights reserved


Arden Klawitter California


I'm a 22-year-old musician from Orange County, CA.

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Track Name: A Song About the Backseat of My Car
Just feeling, peeling, squealing in my ears
that siren, stretched and echoed 'cross seven years

Just hugging, tugging, struggling, it comes loose
that fucking inkling, that selfish, hellish truth
held there, thread-bare

But it can only get so far
burned by the backseat of my car
and it can only get so far
until you say the words and your hands touch mine
and now you too are blind

Confessing, guessing, the blessing to which it's prone
distressing, likely to fall back on what's been shown
to be, mostly

Easy, telling, and otherwise to the point
these tendrils of worry, I swear, this will anoint
I swear, to God

But it can only get so far
until the backseat of my car splits in two
and it can only get so far
until the backseat of my car falls through
Track Name: Running Across a Pond of Marbles
Keep it grounded
safe and sound, and
barely broken
softly spoken

Like I'm mute
can't uproot

Something's coming
and erupting
getting louder
Debbie downer

Like (running across a pond of marbles)
I'm (stumbling into a drone hard to)

Can't (stifle the obstacles keeping me)
up (tugging incessantly down on the)

God, this weight's collecting in my bones
sinking inward and making itself at home
each step is dug deeper until
I'm left to become a landfill

Always, every time I let it in and take its hold of me
I try to force it out my mouth
but words seem to clutter and repeat in an epistrophy
and they choke until my words run out

God, this weight's collecting in my bones
sinking inward and making itself at home
each step is dug deeper until
my bloated bones are full
Track Name: Java Chip
Smothered in quilts
hooked down with weights
caught between drafts
flowing like straits

I'm pushing through
you're dressed in white
stripped, I turn on
the light

All the facades
and structures designed
presences firm
hazy outlines

I'm out in front
you're looking down
I try my best, but
you can't be found

Getting louder
Debbie downer

Throw it all off
'cause I want to see
split all the threads
of this reverie

I'm on the edge
you're dressed in white
I close my eyes, and
black, you're dyed

I'm on the edge
you're dressed in white
I close my eyes, and
black, you're
Track Name: I Don't Even Care, Man
Track Name: Zepaton, Zepaton
Zepaton, Zepaton
lonely orb, far beyond
Zepaton, Zepaton
blood is spilt on the lawn

Zepaton, Zepaton
frozen through, to the core
Zepaton, Zepaton
drug along, 'cross the floor

Zepaton, Zepaton
aperture to the mind
Zepaton, Zepaton
arm are held, reaching high

Zepaton, Zepaton
ossified atmosphere
Zepaton, Zepaton
gripping sight, growing clear

Zepaton, Zepaton
holy grail, abandoned hull
Zepaton, Zepaton
orbiting, atop your skull

Zepaton, Zepaton
nucleus, forgotten worlds
Zepaton, Zepaton
planted feet on wooden boards

Zepaton, Zepaton
floating in prismatic glare
Zepaton, Zepaton
clammy skin and desert air

Zepaton, Zepaton
pinnacle, humanity
Zepaton, Zepaton
it is you, and you are free

I couldn't say for certain but you wanted something different
something volatile and efferent, blistered
seeping through the seconds and diffusing through the minutes
something quick and painless, to the point and yet sinless, clean linens
something understood by every soul 'rapt in it
branching haplessly away from even our tenuous intentions

Until the only notions of interrelation, patient
grew similarly strained, and vacant
waking up in a crimson blanket cast
by burning embers singeing sweetly
cigarette smoke, neurosis, steeping
cycling through daily bouts of death and life repeating

And so I turned to rumination, inward dwelling, longing silently after countless prospects for the fire's quelling but longing then bent outwards, twist! And guided by desire's apparent pilot into an empty Pepsi liter, and an anxious backyard science

Into the whiskey-soaked desert my pilot led me, shrapnel and sentimental thoughts sporadically shelling, retelling passages of otherworld encounters, mysterious powers granted by fantasy, cannily capturing the fearfulness manhandling me

Black eye bruised, fingers stuck and glued, to our wooden booth I was plucked and moved, and carefully drawn in kaleidoscopic awe, by the piningly violent maw of Zepaton

Lingering high in the starlit sky, amid brewing clouds of scrying eyes, its intoxicating light and blinding size shed my blighted hide and bled me dry

My vessel then shone blue and in an infinite slew of cubes I ascended through every conception of "me" and "you" and past the farthest inklings of anything I flew

And the realm that I reached hung so freely, the culmination of a species' dreams - my body siezed, I ceased to breathe at Zepaton, it is you, and you are free

Cosecant astral glow, pinpoint the location
blue neon rectangles, aligned with lit purple
platonic pace will slow, adjust with cosmic pull
obliterate circles, slight universal flow

Corroded sunken bones, positioned at each zone
buried 'neath frozen shores, occasional blot spores
propelled with quantum ghosts, across all planes pierce tones
obscured by thick ozone, in orbit, space whales moan
Track Name: Techno-cube Dungeon of the Great Stardral Fortress is Infiltrated and Expunged of its Plant Overgrowth and By-products of the All-futurized World, Sewn Closed with Power Lines like Seams and Dotted with Extraction Facilities like Malnourished Leeches
Scathing blue, it glows
Techno-cube, oh corroded throne

Caught in stellar throes
tethered to its abandoned home

Oh, Techno-cube, you're the answer
soon you'll be a but a reminder
of Zepaton's former glory
pleading, bargaining, imploring

Infiltrate, and purge
reverberate down the halls,
let them hear your dirge

Currents bend and surge
worming through panels that break
and burst outward
'cross the burdened Earth

Oh, Techno-cube, you're the answer
one conclusion that we can't forego
Zepaton, a cemetery
wrought with our regrets, sincerely
Track Name: Carved From
Broken marvel, monument
weeping Thorazine, hunched and pent

All of the ways to lose your mind
to give up, to get lost
to feed into the fog
to sleep beneath the thaw

Carved from marble, carved from stone
carved from ice, carved from bone

Colorized phase, sine waves, aligned
blending through, crawling up
splintering, pulverized
our monuments may die

Its layers are melting
and its core is clean
but this mind reeks envy
and this heart is mean

Carved from debt

Carved from a picture book about how bears learned to care
or how Brother Berenstain learned to play fair

Over time, you forget

A monument to all the ways that we came undone
and stripped ourselves of how we had begun
and what we were first carved from
Track Name: Pending
I'm sorry for most of the moments
when I didn't know what I was on about
talking to walls when I had to shout

Maybe next time I'll take it slower
maybe next time I can go without
you gave me the benefit of the doubt

Pending changes just came through
I'm not certain but I hope it's true

Lost in the haze of the summer
but born in the winter of Washington
another picture left uncolored in

Maybe I'm as good as I can be
maybe I lost my chance to begin
made myself impossible to forgive

Pending changes just came through
I'm not certain but I hope it's true
I hope it's true