by Arden Klawitter

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Meptunos is an interpretive follow-up to my debut solo record, Zepaton. Built from a variety of both very old and brand new compositions, the music of Meptunos is meant to expand on the themes and sounds of my previous releases - while simultaneously helping to clear out my catalogue of unreleased material.

Some of these songs were first written over four years ago! Some of them were written just a few months ago. To unify them into a single experience - a second expedition into the world of Zepaton - I extended the older tunes using new textures, instruments, song sections, and some samples from my dear friends.

Thank you for your support and thank you for listening! I love you.


released July 22, 2015

Arden Klawitter - Music, lyrics, recording, mixing, and mastering
Dolphasty Farkonis - Guitar samples on "Meptunos"
Zackary Kiebach - Drum samples on "Meptunos"
Javier Cruz - Vocal samples on "Gasworks"
Connor Hughes - Saxophone on "Waiting Room"
Giordan Moloian - Artwork
Linda Klawitter - Photography



all rights reserved


Arden Klawitter California


I'm a 22-year-old musician from Orange County, CA.

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Track Name: Die Behind the Wheel
My head, my eardrums hurt
the airport taxi carries me off
your lips, your fingers move
I hear your voice inside this song

Get lost, get - get fucked

My back, my eyelids sagged
in sleep I had a silly dream
you came, with a hundred names
and asked me for your glasses back

I think, of all things
self control is the most real
I sat, and Steely Dan said
I should die behind the wheel

Die behind the wheel

Oh, frail ghost, I am so damn spent!
Oh, God, Lilith came and -


Die behind the wheel
I should die behind the wheel
Track Name: My Dad was Right
Moments passed in blackness
moments passed in blackness

Moments passed in blackness, and I woke up bare
everyone was laughing, sweet in sticky air

We hit the trail, it was time to go
we had to wipe our smiles off

Once we were alone, I guess I lost control

Cars rushed the street, a world that's not my own
no more time to spare
my old friend was living, I almost didn't care

I feel like I'm going to fall apart but my heartbeat's keeping me taut, together - pounding me back into place, pulsing, pushing - I can't keep up. Its rhythm discharges in violent shivers, shaking the sweat from my neck. God! The sky is a bomb, I mean a damn bomb, its bending weight crushing into my head and I'm falling apart, pounding pounding and giving in to the sky

I melt, pressed with scorching images from just seconds prior - a wedged cuneiform of sidewalks and jittering imprints. A flashbulb goes off and off and off and each time another segment of film is dissolved. The reel lurches and sputters, the tape is lapping itself! In a minute or an hour, I will too. That consummate amorphism blooms into a caul 'round my psychology, crushing it for good. My dad was right

My dad was right
I'm gonna die
Track Name: The Globe is Gone
The globe is gone, now I can look at your face
and see someone else from a much different place

The globe is gone, now I have shed the need
to isolate your thoughts and entangle them with me and what I

Want to do
what we used to

The globe is gone, and all threshed in spools
of webs of ash, and the oceans that have cooled

Now the globe is gone, and man, it's a mess!
and I'm scattered 'cross miles, but I could confess (that maybe this is what I)

Want to do
what we used to

The globe is gone